Your Argument is Invaild, A Jeeper’s Logic!

What kind of parent are you?

IMG_7787REHere’s the top two questions I get from my non-Jeeper friends. “Is it legal?” “Is it safe?” Of course, these questions comes up when they see me carrying my kids in my Jeep with top down and doors off, literally naked. I know I have caused some to raise eyebrows with safety concerns and legality matter, but am I really putting my kids in danger by driving a naked Jeep? I beg to differ. I’d say not as much as you smoke around your kids, not as much as you drink around your kids, and not as much as you curse around your kids. In another words, don’t judge me. I will try to answer your question as logical as I can. πŸ™‚

Is it legal?

The first question is really easy to answer. “Yes, it is legal!” I’m not sure about the other 49 states but over here in California, driving a Jeep without doors is legal as long as you have driver’s side mirror mounted somewhere, of which I can easily give you under $10 solution for that. See picture below. πŸ˜‰


Is it safe?

The answer to the second question is the main topic of this post. Is it really safe to carry kids in a Jeep without doors? If you don’t get into an accident, yes, it is. When the doors come off, it is strictly local drive only for me. That is average of 45 mph drive navigating around small streets in town. When I have to go on Highway or Freeway with kids in my Jeep, I put the doors back on and windows up while the top remains down. Depending on the weather situation I can always put my soft top up any time, and I put hard top on during winter season to keep my kiddos warm and dry. Probably before you ask if it’s safe, you should ask me following question.


Are you a good driver?

I think so. I drove over 500,000 miles in the past 27 years of driving. During those times I’ve never caused any major accident accept couple of minor fender benders. I spun my car around on the freeway once due to worn out tires with no thread when I slammed on the brake at 70 mph when driving alone. There were handful of car around me, but I manage to walk out of it without hitting or hurting anyone. I rammed into the side rail and ended up with broken rear axle and rear bumper, but fortunately no one got hurt by it. I may not stop myself from being hit by a drunken driver someday, but I know what I’m capable of and will take full responsibility of my action.

What if?

Now then the question comes to a “what if” question. What if I get into an accident? I guess when you get into an accident and depending on how severe it is, it can seriously hurt you and hurt your occupants. My question is though, is that why we all drive Hummer because our safety always comes first? Is that why we all own Chevy Suburban or GMC Yucon? What about those people who drives Toyota Corolla or Prius? Furthermore, those people who drives Smart Car, are they SUICIDAL?

Viewer discretion is advised.

I’m not even going into the crash test comparison here. My blog is not about technical stuff. Recent Jeep Wrangler earned better than average in overall crash test respectively, and some recent model comes with side airbags. At least I can tell you that.Β The reason why it is legal to drive a Jeep without doors is that the door itself in a Jeep is not a “structural” element. It means the doors don’t add any structural rigidness to the frame. When someone ram into the side of your car at high speed, the chances are your body will be smashed against the metal anyway unless your car is equipped with side airbags. Whether you’re wearing seat belts properly or not will determine the outcome of the crash in my opinion. In the most extreme cases though your safety will be in jeopardy no matter what you drive.


This picture I found on Facebook doesn’t do justice at all. We don’t know what cause it or how it happened, but obviously something has gone terribly wrong.

Are you a psychic?


I’m not a psychic. I cannot foresee the future and know what tomorrow would bring, but I know one thing for sure that you’d never understand. My kids love riding my Jeep, even my 22 month old son, MJ, top down doors off any given day. When I roll up the garage door, the first thing he wants to do is to crawl up in my Jeep to play. When we go riding in our minivan, he points his finger to my Jeep parked next to it and cries. When I have to put the side window up, he cries screaming, “dow dow,” which means in his own words, “Put the windows down!”Β My daughter SunnyD always gets to sit on passenger side seat and begs me to take the door off. When his sister is not around and when the doors off, my son BigE always asks me if he can sit in the front seat. Take them to off-road is like taking them to an amusement park. A Jeep to us is means of living not just a transportation. So when you see me next time, ask me this question instead.

Is it fun?

Hell, sure it is. To tell you the truth, it may not be fun when it’s safe! No other car give you a freedom to go anywhere and to be one with a nature skin to skin like a Jeep, a naked Jeep that is.


14 thoughts on “Your Argument is Invaild, A Jeeper’s Logic!

  1. As a jeep driver (often with no doors) I’d like to point out the condition of the seat in the picture of the wrote off jeep.
    The jeep being a full framed vehicle is much safer to be in than any unibody vehicle with or without doors IMO


    1. Yes, I agree! Very good point! πŸ™‚ I guess direct comparisons to what happened to the Jeep in the picture makes no sense.. but surely you can beat full frame Jeep in certain situation. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚


  2. I love that your kids act like mine does! We took our car out today and he kept asking for a “” instead and pointed out all the other jeeps we saw and asked for a ride in those ones. He loves going doorless and topless. Oh and what kind of parent are you? A freaking awesome one!! Any parent that takes their kids out like that is πŸ™‚


  3. We have a JK Unlimited. Our kids, ages 8 and 5, are begging us to take the back doors off for a ride. We haven’t done it yet because we don’t quite trust them keep their hands off of the seat belts. They both regularly have “accidents” where they mysteriously became unbuckled while we’re driving and frequently are unbuckled and swinging the doors open before I have put it in Park. We are looking forward the day where we can go fully naked. We’re thinking tube doors is a go intermediate step for them.


    1. Hey, you’re doing good job! Safety comes first always! We know our lids the best, and to make things predictable and to keep everything under control are our job as a parent! Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚


  4. Jesse, I believe the main problem you are facing is the state you live in lol. I used to live in So Cal, but moved, partly cause the nosy nancies.
    I ask, of course, is it better to teach our children to constantly be afraid and instill them with the idea that we can eliminate all pain, injury and unhappiness in life.
    Or to teach them a life lived standing, is better than one bent huddled in fear.
    I, just a couple weeks ago took my kids for a spin with my youngest (daredevil five year old Libby) begging to ride in the front. We were just going round the lake, 15-25mph, but still some woman had to approach me at the little market where we stopped to by treats for the trip. She was very abusive of me ion front of my Kids (by the way I am over 50 and older than she was) Oh it is too laugh.
    Historically, (and even today in many parts of the world)the children of the human race have survived, dare I say thrived, under far more dangerous and stressful conditions than the ones found driving through the hills or to the grocery store with your children strapped carefully in your naked Jeep.
    Thanks again for stopping by and keep Jeepin on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Tom! Yep, California is one of those “nanny” state. I agree! I’d say give more choices to the people and let them sort it out!! Jeep on, my friend! πŸ˜€


  5. I have owned a JEEP now for 7 yrs. and love removing body panels and driving around. My question is :Has anyone ever tried to establish a weekend, door trading club? I think it would be fun to have multi-colored doors on my 4-door JEEP! Mix and un-match. Sure some risk would be involved in slight scratches/damage with extra handling…I had to laugh when a man asked me if I owned two cars? A yellow 4-ddor JEEP and the striped-down naked JEEP? I also love telling some silly people that I couldn’t make the payments and they repossesed my doors! “Gunna be tough this Winter living in Northwestern Illinois!”


  6. I only have haft doors but I drive around with the windshield down. I have two boys 9and 12 years old and they love it I’ve never takin the doors off but I’m going to now that I read the story of the “lady” telling that dad of in front of his kids. Mike from canada

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mike! I’ve never taken the windshield down but someday I will! Wish it is easier to put it down so my kids and I can enjoy cool breeze on the trails. Take all the safety measures you can when driving with doors off. Stay on local roads and never speed up! Thanks again and happy Jeeping!


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