Daddy- Daughter Day

Some of the best days in life are the spontaneous ones, days when, on a whim, plans change and you take an impromptu idea and run with it. Saturday was just this kind of day. Jodi had a dear friend coming into town and it was my responsibility to watch the Peanut so they could have some girl time. My plan was to try to keep her occupied while I did some home winterizing, not the most fun but hopefully productive. That all changed when I saw a friend post about a charity off-road event that was raising money to buy Christmas presents for underprivileged children that was happening that day. So a productive but uneventful plan turned into a daddy-daughter day of fun and Jeeping!

For the 6th year in a row the Colorado 4 Wheelers club and the RAM off-road park teamed up to raise money for Christmas for Kids. Admission was $20 and they even had high-speed off-road racing rides for $15. When we arrived at the park, I could tell immediately that the turnout was fantastic. Scores of 4WD rigs of all makes and build levels dotted the hillside, atvs and dirt bikes were out on the high speed track, and the race buggies were catching some serious air. The park is 86 acres and has everything from a high speed desert racing to some serious rock crawling, some nice hill climbs, and a mud pit as well.


Right away we met up with a small group of friends from our club and the Peanut had a blast playing tag with other kids while I aired down the tires and disconnected the sway bars. Being a good dad, I made sure she had a good snack and a chance to potty before hitting the trails. Finally we were off, we spent the next 4 hours wandering the property and taking on any challenge that presented itself. As it wasn’t a simple single trail, it’s a bit hard to describe so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

As the sun began to get low in the western sky I could tell the Peanut was getting sleepy so we said goodbye to our friends, aired the Jeep’s tires up, and hit the highway for home. I never did get any work done around the house, but I wouldn’t have missed this day of just me and my little girl doing what we love best.


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