Wheeling Wheeler

Wheeler Lake is a popular club trail and family favorite. With a peak elevation of 12,200 ft, magnificent vistas, and fun obstacles, Wheeler Lake offers Jeepers everything they could want. The history of this beautiful trail is a true Colorado tale, as I detailed in a post here about last year’s run.

This year, we packed the Jeep and headed out from home at 6:45 am. Leaving from Pueblo, we needed to get an earlier start than those who left from Colorado Springs, and we had wanted to leave by 6:30. We were concerned that we would be late, but soon enough, we caught up to the rest of the group, and made our way to the trail.

Once we reached the staging area, we aired down and got ready for a good day on the trail. We were a large group with 18 rigs in all, and most of the trail was spent with one half of the group going on ahead after conquering the obstacles while the second half worked their way over the challenges.

The first named obstacle, the Flopper, is aptly named since it can easily flop a Jeep on its side. None of our group flopped, thankfully, but the flex the obstacle requires makes great photos!

The V-Notch is the next obstacle, and though there are only two named obstacles, they both can present significant challenges. Skot chose to take a line he doesn’t normally take, and he struggled. Though it made for good pictures, he didn’t make it and ended up needing a winch out.

Once everyone was up the V-Notch, the rest of the trail was easygoing. We took some time and had some fun, catching great shots of Skot and a couple of others flexing out on a couple of great poser rocks.

DSC07216 DSC07217 DSC07220

As I’ve written before, Wheeler Lake is one of the most visually arresting trails in the state, and its exquisite beauty always leaves me breathless and in awe.

We made it to the top in record time, especially considering the large group we had. The top of the trail features Wheeler Lake, the namesake of the trail, and a parking area that is just barely big enough to fit our group’s rigs and a few others. As always, our Jeep Kids enjoyed the ample room to run and play.

It was windy and cold at the top, and it looked like colder weather was moving in, so as soon as everyone had eaten lunch, we headed back down. The majority of the return trip was uneventful. When we reached the V-Notch, Skot got out and spotted everyone down.

All but one were safe and successful drops, but one rig ran a bit too high on the ridge and flopped on its side. Both the driver and his dog were unhurt, and the Jeep sustained minimal damage, but it wasn’t a fun ride! Unfortunately, there weren’t any photos taken of the flopped rig.

From there we made our way down the rest of the trail, aired back up, said goodbye to friends, and drove home. It was a beautiful, fun day that seemed to go by a little too quickly.

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