Saran Wrap/Eagle Rock: An Impromptu Off-Season Run

The wheeling season is chalk-full of calendared club runs and penciled-in camping trips, but part of the fun of the off-season is throwing together non-club runs on the spur of the moment. And last week, we were able to join in on such a trip.

A friend of ours from Denver contacted my husband a couple of weeks ago and asked him to lead a group of his friends up a couple of short trails that we have a lot of experience with but didn’t get to do over the summer. He wanted to wheel Saran Wrap and Eagle Rock, two neighboring trails that lie just southwest of our house in Colorado Springs. Being our “backyard” for nearly 10 years, we had done those two many times.

We invited a few of our friends along, too, and arrived in Colorado Springs Saturday morning to find that 16 rigs in all were ready to get out and have some fun.

Both Saran Wrap and Eagle Rock are fairly short trails, with Saran Wrap being a mere two miles in length. We started up Saran Wrap first.

The beginning of the trail has some fun whoop-dee-dos and rocks that force you off-camber, making it challenging and enjoyable from the start.

Within minutes you come to a fork in the trail: The Low Road and the High Road that join up again at the top. The High Road is the easier of the two, but is still rocky and fun. The Low Road is a long, difficult rock garden with two major obstacles. Only one vehicle opted to take the easier route, and two didn’t make it up at all.

Though Saran Wrap is a very short trail, it can take a few hours to do, specifically because of this part. Our group of 16 spent about an hour and a half on this area alone. But we got great photos!

The top where the two forks meet has lots of space, and it’s a great place to eat lunch. There were several kids on the trip, and the long wait for all the Jeeps to make it through the obstacles gave them plenty of time to play.

Once all rigs were through, we headed back down. We normally just take the easier way down, and everyone in our group was happy to oblige – especially after how long it had taken to get to the top!

Peanut found a special friend on the trail, and Lady A rode with us for the rest of the day. Skot and I spent the rest of the trip serenaded by happy little girl giggles, squeals, and singing.


From the bottom, it’s just a few minutes to the end of the trail. The road then goes left or right. Right takes you back to the main road, left takes you to Eagle Rock. A few people needed to head back to town, but the majority of us went on.

Though Skot and I had done Saran Wrap many times, we had only run Eagle Rock twice before. We remembered a mild trail with one long, sandy hill of boulders and slippery stones. But Eagle Rock turned out to be a fun handful from the get-go. Most of the challenge was manageable without need of spotting, but the hill we did remember provided a chance to stretch our legs and take some pictures.

From there the trail climbs a long hill of rocky switchbacks. It then levels out, but is far from over. Lots of interesting and unexpected challenges keep you on your toes all the way through, and the guys got to have fun with several large mud holes and water crossings near the end of the trail.

Eagle Rock isn’t long, and pretty soon we were at the end. We stopped to get a group shot, take in the beauty of the area, and say goodbye to friends. After a busy wheeling season, the off-season has finally begun. But true Jeepers never really stop.

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