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a perfect country

A Jeep Country

I dream of a country where kids can go out there jumping on puddles, playing in the mud, catching fishes in the creek, and when the sun is about to set, they crawl into a house without worrying about bringing in a mess, and they get so hungry that they shove anything on the table in their mouths after spewing quick prayer.

Living and raising my kids in a suburb, our life has been little far away from a perfect country that I’ve been dreaming of. It seemed that my life was eminent to bound further away from it rather. But things has changed ever since I traded my beat up old 4DR sedan with 2010 Jeep Wrangler, I now dream of new life. I’ve always had this fantasy of driving a Jeep with top off on a country road. It took me almost 25 years until I take charge of my life. Now that I have a freedom to go anywhere, my kids will have taste of it, and they will one day dream of a perfect country.

Why kids

a perfect day
a perfect day

You brought them to this world. If you’re life is too busy that you don’t have time for your kids, you need to re-evaluate your life. Set priority straight because there is no second chance, even it means to earn less and to live less fortunate life.

Give them one thing that matters the most in their lives, knowing where they came from. You’re it! You’re the master. Raise them right and give them a purpose. Let them know that you’re there. No matter what strikes them to swerve course of their lives, they will always come back to the master. Every minute you spend with them will engrave lessons of life time. Take them outside, even you have to drag them out. Show them the world as you see, unbound and unseen, as it is created.

My kids will learn to appreciate nature, life, and freedom. They will learn to love this country and all those who fought for our freedom. They will know what this country stands for even before they take one small step to this world. They will know the Maker of Heaven and earth and will learn to humble themselves before taking any chances to this life. They will break things and learn to build it again on their own before they come to me crying out for help. They will be raised self-sufficient and reliable. They will be a perfect Jeep Kids.

 Why off-road

Nature is too vast and remote sometimes. You just can’t get any closer to it and can’t cover 600 square mile radius in one day per se. You will have to ride it. That special moment you engage 4×4 and pull to the shoulder to be only seconds away from untouched and unseen will  give you the thrill of your life time, because you’re in it in present time!  Not just seeing beautiful pictures of natures from TV, but to smell and feel the feel of earthly creations and to meet the Author of all, who orchestrated earth and sky in the beginning of time. You are there.

“When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead. – Ernest Hemingway”


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