The Best Day a Jeep Dad Could Ask For

Last Saturday was the end of the Spring Break, and it was supposedly my day off from babysitting 24/7. I thought of doing one night of backcountry camping in Joshua Tree NP in a way of testing my manhood, but somehow I ended up playing one round of golf on Friday and having a Jeep adventure with my daughter next day, which is pretty much everything a Jeep dad can ask for! 🙂 Continue reading The Best Day a Jeep Dad Could Ask For

Indian Truck Hill Continues..

He took the banging really well and didn’t even cried once except the times I put the side windows up just to go on the freeways. Yes, the second I tried to put the side windows up, he started crying and spewing the only word he learned to say even before “Mama” or “Dada.” “Dau, dau!” It means “Down,” and he says that quiet often when he wants us to put his food “Down” on the table. Continue reading Indian Truck Hill Continues..